Raptus (Guitars), Nekroking (Bass), Beliath (Vox/Guitars), Frostbitten (Drums)

Triumphant of Brutality

-Age of Illusion has come to an End-

Walpurgis Night 2020 – the time for Impalement has come to unleash its debut Blastwerk “The Impalement” to this world.

The first footsteps of Impalement date back to 2010-2012, when Beliath started composing his own music, resulting in a rough sketch of what Impalement will become ten years later. The material nowadays exists only amongst the band’s private circles and won’t be published.

After years of loyal allegiance to the arts of Metal, intensive touring with various bands and enhancing the skills as a professional musician, Beliath decided the time was right to to bring his vision of extreme Metal to life by starting to compose the debut album.

Together with long year friend Torturer, Beliath invaded the AMP Studios Duisburg (Germany) in March 2019.
This infernal alliance, supported by guest contributions by Helmuth (Belphegor) and Sarah Jezebel Deva, resulted in 7 trüely hellblastin’ tracks.

Not long after this, the Lineup for upcoming shows was formed and Impalement is shredding the stages all over the world.

Impalement is forged out of True Metal’s Passion combined with Death Metal’s brutality and Black Metal’s profound soul!

Beliath – “The Impalement” Portrait (2020)