29th April 2020 – Official Website Launch

Impalements official website is now available


28th April 2020 – Album Premiere Announced

29th April 2020 at 18:30 (CET) you can pre-listen to Impalement‘s upcoming debut album “The Impalement” (Release: 30th April 2020) on YouTube:

01. The Impalement
02. The Tombs Of The Saints
03. Within The Court Of Rats
04. Alma Pater
05. I Am All
06. Satan’s Fire In My Eyes
07. Thus Spoke I – Götzendämmerung

17th April 2020 – Impalement release Title Track on YouTube

We’re proud to announce that the opening track from our upcoming album “The Impalement” (Release 30th April 2020) is now officially launched on YouTube!

01st April 2020 – Impalement announce album release date

“The Impalement” – Official Release Date:
Walpurgis Night – 30th April 2020

Impalement’s self-titled debut album “The Impalement” will be released end of this month on Walpurgis Night 2020.

The self-released album will be officially distributed by Season of Mist Distribution and Rising Nemesis Records and available on all important digital platforms.

Celebrate with us the rise of IMPALEMENT – Age of illusion has come to an end!

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